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What is the NissanConnect App?

Nissan Connect App Interior

The NissanConnect App is an innovative technology that allows you to drive smarter and safer for every single commute. The NissanConnect app offers features related to navigation, security, and entertainment. This progressive system keeps you safe by reducing the distractions while still providing entertainment, letting your Nissan fit in with the advanced, modern style of today's vehicles. From the palm of your hands to the display on your dash mount, the NissanConnect app makes your driving experience more convenient. Allow our Nissan dealership near Cape Coral to tell you more about the NissanConnect app.

Connected to the Road

NissanConnect keeps you connected by the power of your voice and touch. An installed touchscreen control features like music or navigation at the touch of your finger-tips. With the app, you will have the ability to use keyless commands like engine startup and keyless entry. Voice commands activate Alexa or Siri and ensure your hands are on the wheel at all times. 

All Around Infotainment System

With NissanConnect, you will have easy access to an infotainment system that has integrated systems such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and various navigation apps. Sing along to your favorite songs, indulge in the content from that hour-long podcast, make or receive calls, and navigate through town all through NissanConnect. 

You will be able to own the roads with the navigation system built in the NissanConnect app. Driving becomes more convenient, providing traffic updates, alternate route suggestions, or even finding the closest gas station. Each drive with NissanConnect becomes both enjoyable and effortless. 

Stay Connected with our Nissan Dealership Near Cape Coral 

Our Nissan dealership serving Cape Coral, Port Charlotte, and Fort Myers welcomes you to visit. When you choose the Nissan vehicle best fit for you, we will help you stay connected with NissanConnect. For any questions setting up NissanConnect or finding a Nissan of your choice, please contact us, and we will be ready to help!